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Window Systems by Paul Cannon - Windows

Your home represents the single largest investment you will probably make in your lifetime. When you consider how much you spend over the years on decorating and furnishing its interior, it really is a small price to pay to protect your property and possessions with modern, weathertight and secure PVCu windows and doors.

It's safe to say that since your present PVCu windows, and doors were installed, the build quality of their modern counterparts has significantly improved. We are committed to using Profile 22 System which is a very high quality profile making for stronger frame construction and overall build quality. Therefore we offer a ten year guarantee on all our white upvc window, doors etc.

Hinges and locking divices have become more durable and advanced in their operation. Beading styles, woodgrain finishes and glazing designs are more elegant, with more choice than ever before. The combination of increasingly demanding quality standards and advanced production facilities mean that, as a homeowner, you can enjoy a higher specification product at a price that is more affordable than it would have been ten or even five years ago.

• The old problem of corroded hinges and screws, which affect the operation of windows making them weaker and more vunerable to forced entry. - This is no longer a problem with the modern hardware available to us – the modern high performance coatings resist corrosion.

• Where old style windows allow draughts where the hinges are worn -The top quality hinges which we use are endurance tested to ensure smooth operation.

• Problems with shrinking glazing gaskets allowing gaps to appear between the PVCu frame and the glass – Development in the Profile 22 System which we use, have resulted in glazing seals becoming a part of the beading system, preventing shrinkage and improving security.

• With the rising costs of heating your home, its worth considering the potential savings to be had by installing newer windows and doors. The newer glazing units are more efficient and environmentally friendlier and meet the required standard in energy efficency set by Government guidelines.

• New improved frame designs and glazing style options mean that today's homeowner can tailor the look of their property to suit their particular needs.

• Modern PVCu windows and doors not only look better but lock better with multi-point locking configurations offering you increased protection.

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